The Ace


Artist Birtday : 30/09/1986 (Age 34)
Born In : Monrovia, Liberia
Occupation(s) : Singer - Song-writer
Genres : Pop - Rock
Agent : Arthur Cassell
Web Site :

Arthur Boima Cassell III aka ‘The ACE’ was born in Bong County, Liberia on September 30, 1985. The rapper/lyricist grew up on old Motown music, soul music, Michael Jackson & well, everything 80’s babies can relate to. Arthur, or ‘C’ – as many called him in his childhood, grew up in the choir. He says he never felt comfortable about singing solo. So, dig this, The ACE never thought he’d ever do music outside of the choir, let alone be a solo artist. Introduction to hip-hop music around the time of the deaths of Tupac and BIG changed all that…as hip-hop’s influence grew more in West Africa, The ACE started finding himself intrigued by the art of rapping. By the turn of the century, the artist had started writing bars and rapping at talent shows.